Non-Alcoholic Beverages


Our comes exclusively from Lake Ontario. This is the same water Pepsi’s Aquafina brand uses as well.



Selection of: Chai, Chamomile, English Breakfast, Passion



Black, Vietnamese Coffee (with condensed milk)


Ice Coffee

Vietnamese Iced Coffee: strong coffee is tempered with creamy, sweetened condensed milk then poured over a tall glass of ice for a frosty treat.


Carbonated Water

Asahi Wilkinson carbonated water, the soda water category which has demonstrated remarkable growth in recent years, the bottle shape based on the concepts of “sharp and strong carbonation” and “high-class feel” that satisfies adults seeking the real thing, aiming to create an even more central position for the brand.


Alcoholic Beverages

Red Wine

Rocca delle Macìe Chianti Classico

Bright ruby red with an intense, mature fruit aromas. This wine will taste rich, well structured, with hints of berry fruit flavors

$12 / 6 oz

Pelee Island Pinot Noir Reserve

Medium ruby red colour with aromas of cherry fruit and vanilla, with underlying notes of chocolate. Dry, medium bodied wine with a balanced long finish.

$12 / 6 oz

Liberty School Cabernet Sauvignon

With classic aromas of black cherry, plum and violets before a complex mix of flavours and undertones add depth to the taste.

$13 / 6 oz

White Wine

Caves d’Esclans Whispering Angel Rosé

Château d’Esclans is a rosé specialist, and the refined, perfectly tuned grapefruit, peach and mineral tones in this tangy wine don’t need to shout to get your attention.

$18 / 6 oz


Kagua Blanc

8% Alc/Vol Refreshing Belgian-style ale with a flavor of Yuzu. Hint of malt & hop flavour, balanced bitters & a wheatderived creamy taste. Full-bodied, elegant & smooth

$11 / 330mL

Kagua Rouge

9% Alc/Vol Rich & full-bodied Belgian-style ale with flavours of roasted malt & spicy Sansho. Rosy dark copper color with a creamy head. Well-balanced , complex & refreshingly spicy.

$11 / 330mL

Low-Alcohol Liqueurs


100% Asian pear. Very clean and pure, like enjoying a freshly picked fruit.

$32 / 300mL

$10 / 90mL

Momo Peach Sake

7% Alc/Vol 100% Japanese white peach. Intense, round flavours & all-natural.

$32 / 300mL

$10 / 90mL


Japanese HighBall

Our Highball consist of Japanese Whiskey and Wilkinson “Tansan” Soda Water.  Select your choice of Japanese Whiskey and it will be served with ice and our imported Wilkinson Soda.


Iwai Mars Whisky

This whisky is inspired by the great whiskies of America. A majority of corn, balanced with light malt and aged bourbon barrels. Sweet with fruit flavours like pear, quince, and hints or red fruits and vanilla.

$12 / 1oz –